It’s been over 20 years since Monica distracted the press from Mena. You thought that you would get away with cracking that nut?

Clinton 'has' to get elected for the purpose of stable Wall Street lies (aka economics). Either Sanders or Trump would destabilize the perception that there are resources enough in the world to cover the bets of the electoral/corporate/military/colonialist/racist complex. The Republicans have completely lost control of rationality to extreme individualism and religionism. Independent parties have no clue about the levels of power and secrecy involved to keep America in existence. That leaves Hillary, who will pick some poor innocent to represent colloquialism as a VP, the reversal of the roles of Cheney and Bushtard. The cocaine will continue, the prisons will grow, and Wall Street will stand. If you want Change, keep it in your pocket. We may yet see a wildcard, but it’s really a matter of whether the country can survive the one we get. Hillary can buy us a few years of status quo, that’s about all. Will the Democrats be willing to give up crony capitalism in those years, or fight tooth and nail to defend something that is rabid? Many Americans would like to just send one rabid dog after the other, just to see blood.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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