It's difficult to think in objective terms when almost all human children are conditioned to believe in an Ultimate Aristocrat solving our problems, and our languages have so many conditioning memes involving magical sky puppet masters giving us an anthropocentric view.

As far as the natural world is concerned, we've already failed.

Evolution favors survivability in conjunction with an environment (fit). When humans went off the rails and developed an outsized brain capable of avoiding environmental responsibilities, we became a bug, not a feature.

The challenge is to take a selfishly consumptive species intentionally back into the fold of nature: contributing more resources than it consumes.

It only works if we figure it out for ourselves. Any external influence just starts the anthropocentric/deification egoism all over again with each civilization.

Any civilization sufficiently advanced to realize interstellar travel will also realize it doesn't have to go anywhere for a very long time.

We can't seem to get along with the living things that share 99% of our DNA: what makes us think we'll get along with an extraterrestrial civilization, or that they would want anything to do with our contamination?

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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