It’s ironic, then, that the Right advocates for sales taxes to eliminate the income tax code (which cultivates corruption with every word of it’s columnary stack of blindly approved and dysfunctional documentation). When we consider that the demand for government comes from demand for resources (and property protection) rather than anything to do with ‘fairness’, then the point of taxation needs to be at the crux of demand: the purchase point. Labor itself should receive all of its wages before choosing to make purchases (and be taxed). When a system is based on capitalism/mercantilism, one dollar really does equal one vote, but when aristocrats are allowed to manipulate prices and to harvest wages for their pet government projects, then the majority of dollars always vote for the other dollars, not for the land or future people’s resources and rights.

A prebate to establish the basic value of cannon fodder/labor pool makes it as progressive as the majority can negotiate it to be (call it UBI).

Taxes aren’t theft; advertising is.

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