“It’s not as nice as last year’s party.”

“What did you have at that one?”


  • Firefly “Shindig”

I look forward to checking these out. It’s been a while since I’ve had to buy a computer, and thanks to Windows, my laptop’s hardware is no longer supported by the upgrades and I can’t tell it to stop trying. If Microsoft can set a new system and hardware standard (Linux?) like the old days, so that the IEEE gets on board for RtoR, I might even cut that licensing thief some slack.

There’s a lot that people are putting up with that they don’t even know because most just buy another device or computer and never have to open it or replace anything even as simple as a battery. Corporations let “markets” drive their decision making down to the last styling detail, which drives mechanical decisions, and then reduce costs until everything is superglued together by children. The patent system doesn’t help (the “obviousness” clause is completely ignored now) by granting patents on every change in connectors and battery shape or screw head, even though the patent will be obsoleted in a year.

If our devices make people stupid and lazy, how will they ever find out?

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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