It's the advertising, not the technology. Reagan was a product of the revival of television after the drought of the '70's economy, and the rebirth of toxic masculinity and colonialism (see "Iran-Contra"), but Trump is nothing but the emergent phenomenon of pure advertising product turned into cultural warfare. When you realize that religion is just marketing (including perpetual bifurcation and personalized target marketing), you start to see how the cycle turns back around to marketing as religion. Everyone is a corporation, and a corporation is a pile of money that a group of people swear moral allegiance to. Trump is a name as a corporation. He doesn't even have to show up because his name is the icon for the game. Nobody knows the actual person, including himself.

Consumptionism is the belief that everything in your life must be purchased.

The internet facilitates consumptionism with or without consumers. The man is just there to feed the dog and the dog is there to keep the man away from the internet.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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