I've been in favor of a Random Party: eliminate the general election for the most part, select representation by sortition (or replace the Senate with a people's body chosen by random lottery). The corruption of most of the system comes from the dependency on selling a candidate's soul to souless donors bent on competitive moral turpitude.

At this point, it's pretty much moot anyway. It's entertaining to discuss and continue to engage with people about reality, but the last 40 years of economic 'prosperities' and tech addictions have taken their toll on the planet.

There's virtually zero chance in 10 years that the privilege of our modern systems will be even a tenth of what it is now. It's all based on bets on bets on bets and the government has financed a 30 trillion dollar mortgage on resources we just won't have and the disasters will only increase. Once the insurance companies bail and start dying off from losses, the government will have to actually take on some responsibility for degrowth policy.

Sure, humanity could shut off the lights, build solar powered minimalist societies and park the militaries and cars, but they won't.

Reality isn't favored by markets, and the money all depends on belief that there will be more money. Meanwhile, cryptonauts are betting that the money can somehow fail without everything falling down, thus speeding the process of uninvesting in things that matter, like the working poor and their kids, the land and waters.


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