I’ve got a great rant in response to this, but one poor bastard editor stuck with managing MIT’s political agenda is not the guy who should bear the brunt of the failure of all of Academia. Out of respect to the suffering of Eugene Mallove, I’m giving you a pass. Suffice it to say that it’s not your personal fault that the Credentialed Criminals’ system of tenured systems has killed the planet by supporting and making excuses for the Consumerism Empire and its unfettered rapacity ever since WWII money rolled in on flatcars.

People depended on academia to know and do the right things. It’s not the working, dying and paying public that’s to blame. It’s the wizards and priests (public and private) who drive both government and public opinions through dissemination of knowledge. The public doesn’t choose fossil fuels. They just go to work however they can. If they are ignorant, it’s on teachers. If they’re mean, it’s on priests. If they go to war, it’s on journalism. What have our institutions of learning been up to lately except new construction paid for with overhyped student loans, billionaire tax dodges and tech company (and military) exploitation? Oh yeah, you’re all talking to reporters about how it’s all the village idiot’s fault because he won the electoral college lottery.

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