Language and writing conditions, yes. Religious myths per se: not beyond the authoritarian paternalism that is used to convince people that everything comes from ‘on high’ instead of from the soil (soul). Your assumption that Western societies are somehow ‘better’ is a short-term concept anchored to anthropocentrism (‘what’s good for people is always better’..usually just based on more people or better weapons), but the advantages of religion (town meetings for group intentionality) are more often misapplied (supporting imaginary beings and their enriched sycophants rather than one’s place and resources) than sustainably useful to the 7th generation down the road. Religions, especially Western style Christianity, are the marketing department for the town meeting. It’s great work if you can get it, but it’s a competitively redundant waste of resources in a world with instant communication and oh yeah; science. Unfortunately, we don’t give priority to actual skeptical inquiry (fought tooth and nail by religions and everyone indoctrinated by them) so that we can establish concrete natural physical formulae for ethics, rather than “he said, she said” myths pumped into children before they can begin to think.

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