Larry, I’m so far 'right' that I’m Left. What does that mean? It means that I’ve considered the libertarian and antigovernment fanaticism through to it’s conclusions and found them vapid. Arguing against the Democrats for being big spenders is both hypocrisy (can you say “Go Military Empire!”?) and a straw argument (Bill Clinton was Newt Gingrich’s enabler, and Obamacare is Gingrichcare’s blank check to corporations writ large.) The pandering of both parties to corporate interests is all right wing; there is no socialism allowed in America except in an approved church-based recruitment process. The exclusion of class warfare talk is screaming by its absence from the corporate media. Where will the money come from? The bigger question is, Where did it all go? This country produced and produces enough food and houses to feed a large proportion of the world, yet we have ghettos and FARM COMMUNITIES FOR CHRISSAKES with starving mothers and children. Our cars have fucking ETHANOL, though. The fucking economists will tell you that there are too many (farmers, government employees, poor people, lazy people, etc), but not that there are too many economists. People are a resource to add value to the economy (the only thing that does), yet the right (including the Clintons) works to detach and devalue people from the process, discarding them like extra puppies tossed in a burlap bag (Detroit, etc). People need basic resources to be useful to their own (and the country’s) future. Extracting resources and wasting the wealth on wars, yachts, bank accounts and egos is not useful to future people or the planet. Everything we were taught about the direction of resource flow (bottom-crushing pyramid schemes) is suicidal for everyone in the long run. In the past, such behavior only destroyed the local civilization/empire, but thanks to modern globalization, it is threatening the very environment that all humans depend on for stable food supplies. Yes, I voted for Reagan, Bush 1, and I despise crappy government, but some bureaucracy is necessary, and it needs to work for the future (hopefully intelligent and aware) people, not the ignorant and selfish present ones coerced into competing fanaticisms (“fan” is short for “fanatic”: feel free to think “fanatic” when someone is a Packer Fan, Apple Fan, or Lost Fan.). Americans are not going to be told by television to stop watching TV, where conflicts, violence and political absurdities are profitable for their extremism. Moderate, reasoned behavior doesn’t have fans. It has people trying to be useful, not just 'getting ahead’. Competitive life only works if the risk of death is equally applied with the opportunity to try to live. Civilization eliminated death as a rule of daily living (theoretically), so we now have the responsibility for each other’s opportunity to try to be useful to the future of civilized humans. It requires a civil system, and it requires moderation, not competing versions of unfettered rapacity. Money and economics are not life. Living is. We should not be slaves to numbers on a spreadsheet that’s written by inherently homicidal “limited liability” corporations. (And yes, both major parties are corporations).

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