Leftist or not, the frenzy in the media (selling beer and cars and shots every time they say “Trump” or “Clinton”..why are we still hearing from Hillary?) is a circus that makes money for the advertisers and the pretty faces pretending to be concerned. Just as the Fox Fools contort themselves to make excuses for the Empire, CNN flushes out every useless professor they can find whenever the Chief Cheetoh opens his mouth. We GET it! He’s a drunk on a barstool all of the time. Which one of you keeps giving him drinks and why hasn’t anyone called a cab? Because everyone is too busy betting on when he’s going to fall off the stool instead of helping the country with useful work that needs to be done yesterday.

Why is everyone so quick to praise an angry teenager for having to say what thousands of people should already be working on? Because to admit we already knew is to admit this country has already sold Reality for a few beers, votes and free rides in lobbyists’ planes.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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