Life is the anti-entropy. Most people find it difficult to find meaning in life because marketing forces of religion and advertising (I repeat myself) work very hard to make people believe that there is no useful purpose to the human being outside of service to authority. In nature, however, every species survives because it has some contribution to the whole of its environment’s future resources. If humans are to be intentionally more than worm and tiger food, we need to collectively work toward being contributors, rather than consumers: something that will require overcoming hundreds if not thousands of generations of conditioning by authorities to serve their ‘civilization’ (city-based colonization and extraction of resources toward the all-seeing Eye at the top of pyramid schemes).

Many people get “rational” mixed up with “sensible”. Rational just means we make excuses for what we do (religion is ‘rational’).

“People do shit. They have reasons for doing shit; in that order.”-Dave Malakar

Sensible means being sensibly aware of our environment, open to the consequences of our actions, etc. So, in that perspective, people are rational, but not sensible.

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