“Many Americans” is a cop-out. It doesn’t matter what “Many Americans” think they believe because the vast majority of Americans and the operating forces of the so-called “news”media are under the influence of consumerism as badly as any opioid medication. The problem with trying to determine a candidate with terms like “left”, “right” and “centrist” is that the whole shebang of America is halfway down the rabbit hole of blind belief in buying their life from corporations with subsidies their corporate overlords and corn syrup farmers get from the same government that’s paying interest to the banks that own their cars, farms and houses.

The first thing to stop trying to sell is a “candidate.” We need a leader, yes, but most of all, there has to be a sensible and logical platform of civil service to the future people (not the current pie-eyed consumers). You can call them “grandchildren” if you want to be more personal, but the bottom line is that government needs to prepare and work for the good of them, not us. Almost ANY person can lead a coherent and useful platform toward a reasonable future.

The Democrats are wasting our time with a Green New Deal because there isn’t anything to do now that will stop the climate instabilities, and the promise of medical insurance is based on keeping corporate medicine and corporate insurance around to rip people off and give the money to election campaigns. Elizabeth Warren wants to break up the tech companies, but nobody wants to break up the advertising industry that drives everyone to give insane amounts of money and work to corporations under a blind faith that it’s ‘honest’ business.

The Republicans have nothing to offer except chaos and war and White Christian anti-government bullshit colonialism that is the only card they have, so the idiot galleries play it again and again to an audience that is so tired and stress-stupid that it can’t even change the channel.

So, you think we need a mouthpiece for the ‘center’ of THAT?

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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