Marriage is a contract. Buying a car or borrowing money are, too. The bottom line is whether there is a compelling reason to enter such a deal. Some of us have (more than once), and found that if you are interested in the business of marriage, you make it work, solving problems and reaping benefits of mutual work. Most simply want the dream and suppress their disappointment in the asshole they chose for whatever dreamy or chemical reason. I suspect that your high intelligence and observational clarity do influence the outcome. Most of us trend towards selfishness and ignoring reality, and the tendency to teach girls to put up with it for reproductive reasons doesn’t bode well for humanity. The rapid rise of (physically) gender neutral computer and science work is allowing more women to be independent, but I hope the gentler side doesn’t lose any of its baser instinct to know when to moderate the males' egoism. You can’t win any other way with it. Logic only works on the logical.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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