Maybe too many economists told the world that there were too many farmers.

I digress, but one point you’re missing in all this is more basic than people needing love or to be loved. They instinctively (lizard brain stuff) need to know that they have secured where their next meal is going to come from. Only then can they join freely with social groups as equals, free of desperation. This means they need the resources, skills, health and safety of immediate surroundings in order to be satisfied, especially if they’ve secured those things themselves and locally, so they know that if any are lost to random events, they have the ability to reacquire them.

Money doesn’t satisfy any needs except superficially. The first step to use money is everyone’s fair stake in the resources used to create it.

Ergo, property ownership needs to be revisited without blinders either for socialism/anthropocentrism/humanism or selfish wealth hoarding.

Since civilization has embraced market capitalism as its governing body, so should all overhead and environmental costs appear at the democratic decision point in the market (all taxes should be sales taxes in order to do that).

Humanity has no right to resources it doesn’t improve. Making billions of useless humans doesn’t exactly improve anything. Potatoes proved that.

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