Money’s Emergent Fuckery

8 min readNov 1, 2023

There is no ‘Plan’ to save the world from competing colonialisms.

Cats Enjoying Colonialism (photo by author)

In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. In 1493, he stole everything he could see.” Did Columbus even know why?

Secret PlanOur secret plan is this: We’re going to go on consuming the world until there’s no more to consume.”-Daniel Quinn via ClimateSurvivor

Acceleration to deathPut another way, technological development decreases the IQ points required to destroy the world (Moore’s Law of Mad Science).” -Andre Sevenius Nilsen

Auto Company profits “..and a generous “Hummer Deduction” for business owners, all of which bolster the industry and enable carmakers to build bigger, more expensive, and more profitable vehicles.

Farm subsidies/ethanol: “Despite strong evidence that growing food crops to produce ethanol is harmful to the environment and the world’s poor, the Obama administration is backing subsidies and programs that will ensure that half of the U.S.’s corn crop will soon go to biofuel production. It’s time to recognize that biofuels are anything but green.” -C. Ford Runge • March 11, 2010

“Today, the earmark favor factory is mostly closed. Only the tax division remains open. I’m confident this debate, and many more ahead, will expose the tax code for what it is — an abomination that favors the




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