Most fads are based on delusions within a deceptive food system that profits from the civilized privilege of ignorance.

In phase 2, everyone maintained their absolute protein intake. But to do so, those on the low-protein diet had to eat 35 per cent more total calories, while those assigned the high-protein diet ate 38 per cent fewer calories. Our volunteers responded like locusts, with their appetite for protein dominating, and determining the total consumption of food.

Your five appetites

We later did two bigger and more sophisticated versions of the chalet experiment, in Sydney and Jamaica, and found essentially the same thing: people on a low-protein diet consume more calories.

The explanation for this is that humans also have more than one appetite. In fact, we have the five that our earlier research found in some other organisms: protein, carbs, fats, sodium and calcium. It is a mistake to think of appetite as a single, powerful drive to eat. We need separate appetites to keep track of various nutrients, and hence to construct a balanced diet.

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