My fear is that we fail to understand that the underlying point to being healthy is so that people are useful to their own planet’s future: not to profits based on exploiting their poor health and fears. The billions being spent trying to solve the “health” care system are rarely applied to a comprehensive look at what our society’s lifestyles and exploitations have done to our ability to engage with living reality. Nobody seems to be trying to combine the food system management with health care. Nobody (with power) seems to be analyzing the marketing strategies of Madison avenue vs the poor health of people, or the correlations between poor health and poor use of natural resources. Big Data is just another way to siphon money out of the decay of human decency and usefulness. Nobody needs insurance companies. They need good health. How do we get from a government full of recipients elected by insurance, car, chemical and drug money to a government that ensures the healthy support of its citizens? It certainly doesn’t come by using the insurance companies’ exclusionary data and drug companies’ prices as the baseline. We get the wolf we feed, and right now, we’re feeding AI traders on Wall Street, not children. The AI trader likes corn syrup, ethanol, opiates, war and marijuana.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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