My point was not about how they are supposed to get those things as much as their loss of them. I was trying to point out the relative change in environment.

I’m not so fond of these things being provided (the military neotonizes people, as does consumerism). We need to think more about how people develop to become useful to their own future and the future of their environment so they don’t become isolated from resources and each other (lack of self worth).

In a typical hands-off scenario, the 'weak' would just die off. Once society establishes basic rights though, the question of “who provides resources”(including life skills) becomes the whole society’s responsibility and its report card is graded by the future, not the present. This is why knowing the difference between bullying and leadership is important. We really don’t have very good examples of the latter in a system based on the instant gratification profits and colonialism of the aristocrat bullies.

The massive gun sales are more evidence that we can’t tell the difference.

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