My schtick of late is that we have created systems that polarize and individuate people, primarily for selling crap to people that they don't need with money they don't have. Everyone is both victim and bully in the Invisible Hand Job when the real price of purchases are not available at the decision point. One dollar does equal one vote when politicians take their lead from corporations, and corporations justify their moral turpitude by cashflow. The propaganda and coercion they use to individuate and polarize is tax deductible. The interest paid to banks for overconsuming burbclaves is tax deductible. The smoky rooms full of politicians and hookers are tax deductible.

Yes, "it's the economy", but the economy is not natural or based on the needs of places or people. It's been groomed and inbred from "pursuit of happiness" and happiness comes from a pill bottle.

Usefulness to each other and to place is not even talked about except in a few intentional communities and organic farms, themselves dependent on the cashflow from hipsters.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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