Nearly 40 years ago, someone gave me this advice. I appreciated it in a time of autistic frustration with people (thanks Dennis, wherever you are, now), and it gave me something to do with my brain. I still may not have built a faster-than-light spaceship ;), but I’ve gained some mild inkling of how poorly humanity understands itself, the universe and the meaning of Life.

Hint: Competitive resource destruction isn’t it.

If nothing else, humans are highly entertaining; like watching cats trying to kill a laser dot when there’s a perfectly good mouse circling their food dish. People are sooo, fucking, dumb… until they aren’t:

“If you’ve not been hit by flying lead,

bow your head…

wait for the richochet.” -Deep Purple, Child in Time

People will thank God(and his Aristocracy)for their survival, rather than realize they just bowed their head at the right time. The ones that survived made more babies that bow their heads to their phones, and the ones selling gods keep shooting at each other because that’s what they’ve always done and it keeps people from looking at each other and asking “Why were we doing this, again?”

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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