New Scientist just published an article titled “Most atheists believe in the supernatural”. Unfortunately, such ‘science’ never goes deep into the core of language and thought, to the habits and so-called “beliefs” that people have. If I read my horoscope every day in the newspaper, it’s not because I ‘believe’ in horoscopes: it’s because it’s fun and uncanny how general assertions can be turned into detailed daily images by our brains. Society demands for us to at least pretend we believe in its bullshit, or nobody will talk to us.

This is where the abuse of children’s brains gets ignored as “freedom of religion” or “educational necessity”. I don’t think it’s just religions that abuse children in this way, but our educators as well. Standardized education of children younger than 10 yrs is also forcing young brains into patterns that aren’t necessarily good for the child, only measured and profited on by educators and so-called “leaders” of society that want children to be miniature versions of themselves (as if they are good examples of intelligence).

Yes, I am very cynical of nearly all institutionalized systems because such systems are the source of, as well as dependent upon, stupid and conforming human animals.

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