Nice rant, Tammy. :) I was wondering what it was that was bugging me lately about the polls and the recent news product (articles produced to sell cars and beer). Some of this reads like I would have written it, so welcome to the madness. I’ve spent a half hour looking for a quote from WWII but couldn’t find it. It sorta goes like this, “There has been no time when an enemy reaches the edge of the Abyss and enters of their own will. You must lead them there and push them in.” and I don’t know who said it, but it seems to be the point. Anyone that fails their own god doesn’t imagine there is something wrong with their god: only that they didn’t believe hard enough.

Evil: an action taken based on an unquestioned belief.

Human: primate that develops a model of the universe inside its brain and upon physical maturity, moves inside that model and avoids reality at all costs.

As for politics, George H Bush once said, “If you want to change a Republican’s mind, you only have to show them a better way to profit. The only way to change an intellectual’s mind is to take it out and put in a new one.” Unfortunately, we now have a dearth of conservative intellectuals taking people’s minds out and just putting Glen Beck’s in with sportscaster commentary (fanatical competicism and competing fanaticisms).

We want to blame an ‘enemy’ but that’s not well defined. The ‘Rich’ get richer because the poor work for them and buy their stuff. Every apocalyptic story where humans struggle to survive in isolated groups has some underlying cooperative story (a village, a family, etc) that all works out in the end. Everyone (except Chicken Little)is surprised that the System of systems fails and leads to the Earth being in charge again.

Yet, we don’t pick that fight (against our consumptionism/ colonialism/ plutocracy). We support fights between groups of consumers who take civilization itself for granted, and all of the exploitation and theft from planet Earth that goes with it. Civilizations are built by barbarians who get tired of being barbaric. They are destroyed by civilians who get bored with being civil. The cycle continues because nobody questions building civilizations in the first place, just as nobody questions the flow of money from the poor to the rich before the rich get rich.

The Republicans want to be rich, and the Democrats want to tax the rich. Both plans require rich people to have most of the resources and power. Nobody asks, “What are PEOPLE for?” They just believe humans are a feature without a use. Nature didn’t allow humans because She needed someone who would steal the office supplies and not do any work. You can’t have a democracy as long as anyone is a slave (wage, mind or otherwise). That was the core of the (first?)American Civil War, and it will be the core of the next. The right for people to choose depends on their freedom to choose without coercion by debts, peers or deception.

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