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More accurately, when you consider the shift from pensions to 401K plans, it is "Forced Casino Capitalism", or in one word; "Extraction."

Wendell Berry said, "A corporation is a pile of money to which a group of men have sworn moral allegiance."

The stock market/401K system is the casino where everyone is forced to place bets on the competitive moral turpitude of those men and the two corrupt income tax scheming parties.

The opposite of unfettered capitalism is not socialism: it's sales tax.

The system is driven and powered by the receipts at "always low prices" that really aren't low when externalities and debts are included.

The answer is, "UBI based on sales tax". Socialism is what we can use to get there (anti-bullying).

UBI without sales tax is just inflationary. Sales tax without UBI is regressive. The income tax code is the source of 80% of government corruption.

Corporations get a tax deduction for stealing our time and attention (marketing). Religions get a tax deduction for keeping people docile. Candidates get elected (and rich) selling tax breaks to the Stock Market Casino.

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