No. A better way to understand it is that they are a knee-jerk reaction to the failure of an economy based on extraction of resources from the weak to the strong: a stupid response to a stupid economy based on the moral terpitude of corporate money-extractors. A proper response would be to look at what people actually need (food, clothing, shelter, clean water, good health) and how to empower them to produce those things in their places with the labors and creativity of 30-some millions of unemployed workers.

That means building community kitchens, community-supported agriculture, small farms (buying out corporate farmers and breaking them up into small cooperatives), building community and small private processing plants and butchering and packing facilities by the thousands. It means converting factories that have become accustomed to making gigantism pickups and farm equipment into making useful small tools for growing and processing vegetables instead of commodities, utilizing hemp for practical small paper mills instead of sulfuric-acid-reduced forests homogenized and trampled for making toilet paper and shipping boxes.

It means educating people to be useful to their places instead of being ‘consumers’ whose lizard brains are hijacked by marketers to buy crap they don’t need with money they don’t have.

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