No hate. Hillary was already president for 8 years (while her husband was getting fellated by CNN and the Times as he and she did the bidding of Wall Street).

They had time after that to stand for Socialized medicine and fair wages, but instead, wandered the talk circuits collecting fees. Then, as SoS, she had a chance to calm the world and fight religious ignorance and corrupt despotic regimes, but instead, was busy pushing the same old “American Interests” corporate war line and false promises of Radio 'Free' America.

We are more than a stock market and rich people. Democrats depend on keeping the rich rich and the poor dependent (not all, just the ones that are off camera).

So, yes, Hillary is one of the most viable Democrats and might make a great president, but we don’t need either of those. We need a leader with new ideas and the ability to not be soggy white bread, regardless of party.

Does she have what it takes to stand up for nuclear power and sales taxes? Because that’s what our country needs 20 years ago. Instead, she and Bill gave us cheap oil and a housing crisis with half-assed populist policies (and why didn’t anyone break up Microsoft? WTF?)

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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