Not bad. Two things:

“How does it all work?” Net Future Usefulness. A species persists if it contributes more usefulness to the future of its own environment and offspring than it consumes in resources.

“We are still trying democracy”. Democracy died with the development of marketing. People so stuff. They have reasons for doing stuff. In that order. What we see around us is all in the marketing, and it’s ALL marketing. Humanity will not know the point at which we began to go extinct because we are still telling ourselves that we are the only species that matters to our own future, and all of the intraspecies squabbles are distractions from our state of disconnection. Humans don’t accept that we aren’t making conscious choices, and the System of systems has developed to keep us from doing anything else, and like a car with a brick on the accelerator, our system of resource consumption will keep accelerating until it crashes or the fuel runs out. It’s not a ”feature” that we’ve found alternative sources of fuel over time: it’s a bug.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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