Not enough. We must see ourselves as subservient to FUTURE people and THEIR environment, not to our comforts and our imaginary beings.

As for beliefs: beliefs don't burn the planet: actions do.

Evil: an action taken based on an unquestioned belief.

Right now, all actions are justified at the checkouts.

THAT's where the change needs to happen: the decision point that everyone uses to justify their behavior; whether they are consumers, producers, mining corporations, politicians or war mongers. In a market society, all decisions are driven by the voting dollars that are counted, sorted and used to bribe politicians to give tax deductions to corporations for brainwashing the public (advertising) and stealing our time and attention. The Consumer "believes" whatever the advertisers tell them to believe at "always low prices".

It's an Empire of Consumption, not an Empire of Belief. Competitive fanatics consuming fanatically competitive products at "always low prices".

Just raise the price of ignorance.

The answer to every current question (environment, politics, health, poverty) comes down to this:

UBI based on sales tax.

UBI without sales tax is inflationary. Sales tax without UBI is regressive. Income taxes are corruption amplified by delusions and externalization of costs.

Increase the prebate to be UBI and increase the rate until the skies are clear.

You want radical: call the bluff of Republicans and use their idea to clean up the world (physically and metaphorically).

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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