Not to rain on your fun parade, but another concern is what foreign powers will do to take advantage of the confusion. To much of the world: countries that have suffered from fascism in the recent past, we keep pushing our empire of consumerism and corporatism in their faces. Our war machines resemble storm troopers more than peacekeepers, and all of it thinly attached to reality under poser religious fanatics who just demonstrated their hatred for women’s right to their bodily functions. Topping it off is a contempt for science and human rights.

We barely handle a few terrorists in dirt-poor farm countries. Our best and brightest are chained to desks writing social media apps and designing luxury pick-up trucks that will never see a farm.

We just killed a quarter of a million of our own citizens because we couldn’t stop running around pretending our shiny noisy crap is more important than life itself.

Half our computers run Russian virus software while most of them are made in Asia. Our operating systems are so bloated with fonts and emojis that Majel Barrett could be hiding in them.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine the world’s professional leaders getting together and cutting us off from Chinese trinkets and Mexican and Canadian car parts.

We’ve let the banks push deficit spending and inflation to cover debts. Our wealth and power are not nearly what we believe them to be, and half the citizens think the other half wants to kill them for a kidney or their health plan.

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