Not what I meant, no. You are delegating moral response-ability upon ‘government’, but that still takes the moral impetus out of the daily lives of people and hands it off to an organization that (supposedly) is democratic. Unfortunately, as we see around us today, the demos is focused on living lives based on consumptionism and blind faith in an Invisible Hand Job that gets a tax deduction for brainwashing them to vote against their own grandchildren’s interests. This is why I advocate for all taxes (the real cost of governments) to be sales taxes (with your coop idea applied to a prebate/UBI amount); so that each one dollar/one vote is an informed vote, rather than a deceived one, people are treated as valued citizens, and if the cost of buying things and transporting them is higher than making or doing without, then people can spend more of their energies working for themselves in their place, rather than the war-industro-consumer exploitation complex. We need government because of the things we buy, not because of the things we do. A coop/intentional community automatically assumes that people are intentional and competent (Ayn Rand style), but they aren’t intentional (that’s why so many have failed over the decades), and most choices are made based on immediate feedback at the point of purchase (price vs. emotion vs. a tiny executive function morality voice in our heads). Those choices are tabulated and multiplied to be used to justify all manner of dirty deeds at the top of the pile of dead bodies.

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