Oh, I’m looking at that point long past in the Peak Oil rearview mirror…. ;) Well, I would be, if I thought one person could stop 8 billion zombie consumers.

Now is a good time to read Julia E Hubbel and realize the futility of individualism.


Humans are pack animals (and a packing animal, apparently). We evolved to work, live and hunt as groups much better than individuals. If we can’t behave in a group (society, not necessarily ‘civilization’), then there are always the alligators and tigers to solve our ‘individualism’ habit.

Freedom requires more than one person. An individual without someone to watch their back is not free to move and act as they randomly please (or sleep, for that matter). The only natural right we have is the Right to Try to Live: everything else we create and build with some kind of system.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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