Ok. You’ve got a specific definition of capitalism.

I have one for Evil: an action taken based on an unquestioned belief. That helps to write about it.

It doesn’t affect people much because of the -ism part you miss. Capital-”ism” is a religion, and like any successful marketing scheme (religion=marketing), it has icons, an education system that starts with innocent children, unquestioned beliefs, rituals and priests.

Behind the curtains, there are the politicians, wizards and smarmy salesmen who ensure it keeps the money flowing, usually by exploitation and threats (don’t forget the 'intellectuals' who make up the excuses for it).

The opposite of these forces of blind belief is the light of reality shining on the people’s decisions when they hand over their money(life). Strip away the curtains and it no longer has a chokehold on thought.

For religion, that means keeping the children away from lies and paternalist cults. For capitalism, it means making all overhead costs of consumerism into sales tax and eliminating the hidden deals and manipulations of the income tax code. Let people get paid what their value is and let them see the cost of capitalism at their point of decision. Most of all, let’s stop giving tax breaks to organizations for manipulating us with propaganda.

Sales taxes are an honest representation of the costs of consumption. Socialists argue that they hurt the poor. That’s because socialists want to hurt the rich, forgetting that the rich keep socialists between themselves and the pitchforks.

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