Once you understand that the anthroparchy is systemic, I think it‘s a lot harder to blame peeepull, but it’s difficult to parse which people direct the systems, which enable the systems through conformity and/or apathy, and which systems are now autonomous consumers of the efforts of good people.

I used to hate people. Yes, it was they that caused me to hate them. Eventually, I met some better people who weren’t so obtuse to the world and who genuinely added good to the tally of life. I have learned more about not attributing to malice what can be blamed on ignorance or culture, but sometimes, people are habitualized to malice through systems that exploit their animal natures. Fighting those systems and the people who profit from those systems is difficult in a society where the profits make the decisions and malice is so freakin’ profitable, and where malice comes in insidious forms (lying to children about imaginary beings, for one thing).

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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