One aspect that you did not reach is that a relationship (marriage) is a contract, based on more than just sexual fidelity. Sure, the French did a great job of creating the marketing shtick of “one true love” and all that crap about people being ‘made’ for each other, but there’s a lot of history outside the romance which is built on people living their lives together for other reasons, and keeping together through thick and thin because those reasons are greater than their ego or their addiction and animal desires.

Far too many good relationships and families are ruined because of the marketing of sex as the ‘end-all, be-all’ determinant of people’s lives. Sure, it’s great! It’s an amazing animal enjoyment! But are we just animals sniffing each other’s shapely bottoms, or are we intentional creatures with far-ranging interests?

So, maybe you don’t think romance/sex is all marketing? Have you been to a shopping mall? Watched, ever? Maybe all sex isn’t marketing, but (almost)all marketing is sex. What does that do to our language, our interactions and our children’s perspectives?

Our tiny executive function in our tiny brain is no match for the power of trillions of dollars constantly bombarding us with pheromones, images and degradation of intellect. Expecting people to be 17th century puritans is insane.

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