One word, a myriad of implications: Epigenetics.

Defining food safety by cancer is like defining airline safety by hijackings. There are a million ways that food can hurt our bodies and genetic viability, and malignant tumors are just the terror made popular by their earning potential.

Modern foods (cheap calories with little flavor or nutrient content) were developed as export products to trade for oil and military bases. The job of the Ag Administrations is to increase trade goods, not improve anyone’s health. The Food Safety administration wants nothing to do with agriculture, and the ag department wants nothing to do with healthy foods. While researchers argue about cancer, children suffer from neurological and digestive pain, retardation, allergies and premature puberty. The media talk about an obesity epidemic, but blame the individual for lack of exercise while allowing advertising for the poisons of the ag checkoffs and “diet” chemical industry.

It costs something like 50 bucks an hour to grow your own organic food. That sounds ridiculous unless you realize that 50 bucks isn’t worth much anymore. That’s 50 cents in 1932 dollars to buy a farm truck. (1932 pickup $530, 2017 pickup $53,000).

People have been conditioned through advertising to sell their lives at $7 an hour and eat sugar and corn syrup.

Billionaires at Monsanto and their ilk come along and convince the proles that the solution to their hardship is cheaper corn syrup; and they buy it because it’s all they can afford.

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