One word. Evil: an action taken based on an unquestioned belief.

Terrorists don’t hate the French for their secularism or their insults. They attack them (hate might not be as accurate as fear) for their skepticism.

That’s the threat to the blind faithful: it’s not in questioning their faith, but in making them do so when their entire concept of self-worth is chained to a block of cement their parents threw in a lake for them. Someone comes along and asks, “Why don’t you cut the chain before it kills you?”

They lash out like a cornered jaguar because they don’t see anything but the ever-shortening chain that is their model of this world and their ride to the next. Any moment of skepticism makes them miss their train.

We have exactly the same problem with both Republicans and Democrats right now.

Neither will question their party, even when those parties are obviously and provably corrupt (not acting with good intentions for the future of democracy, decency or reason).

That lack of self-questioning always leads to violence without reason.

It’s what empires are built on.

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