Perhaps one of the problems in sexism is the focus on men’s strengths and systemic power, rather than seeing testosterone as a weakness (like drug addiction). The system is built by men to hide our weaknesses: to realize the inherent insanity of having drug addicts running the pharmacy is too difficult to publicly discuss.

It’s just physics. On dairy farms, we used to keep the bull in a steel pen with a chain through his nose and let the cows roam in and out.

Ignoring the reality of the human animal just because the bulls have the money is systemic, not intelligent. Education and counseling of men is too little, too late. God (mental conditioning) isn’t enough to remove the animal urges of priests. What makes people believe Human Resources’ paperwork can do it?

We need a system that starts with equality measures at birth and possibly encompasses doctors and pharmaceuticals in the long run.

Women also need training about wearing and acting like tiger bait. Do you really have any idea how powerful the systemic sexual marketing system actually is? How it saturates the male mind with chemicals and irrational thoughts?

Think of the depths that paternalistic religions go to in order to keep women from having power over male insecurity. It’s an ancient war that never ends and most people don’t even know they are fighting it, but Madison avenue sure as hell sells the weapons.

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