Pretty goddamned stupid if you didn’t think it was possible. Have you ever BEEN to the Midwest? Texas? Florida? Did you ever read anything about the Clintons? The religious right and subsidy-dependent farmers just elected a bankruptcy worshipping anti-government atheist, and the Democrats couldn’t beat that. America is not educated as a rule: it’s dysinformed for profit by the very people you hang out with. Our economy is basically crap going to landfills and people not knowing the real costs. Our leadership is cynically against civilization unless they get a library named after them. Bullies win and decency is vilified for being politically correct. The worst part is you probably don’t see how this election has been the best thing for the future of the planet. People have to learn and change or die off. Now’s your chance to see humanity as it actually is, not the fantasy of the fallen angel that only civilians have the luxury of being, but the weapon-making rising ape that built civilizations: for better or worse.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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