Pretty good for an afternoon of plinking at keys.

A couple of tweaks for future thoughts:

1. Most anything in Earth's core is probably out in the asteroid belt or Kuiper belt, so why bother digging? I submit that they are actually here to be entertained by us (Zaphod Beeblebrox buzzing the beaches and hinterlands in a saucer).

2. Bureaucracy at Area51 is set up under the secrecy of nuclear weapons, not aircraft. Ergo the (literally Nazi-style) super-secrecy was in place before the Skunk Works moved in, and the Air Force really is rather an insane institution anyway.

You could probably make a good story (I'm not good at making stuff up) about the institutionalized, self-destructive insanity of any number of organizations. Make it a series of books like Tim LaHaye and Bill O'Reilly did.

Write fast. The climate curve isn't flattening anytime soon.

Oh..and a PS on why the planets are so different: As the cloud of gas and material shrinks, it spins faster and faster, so heavier material hangs on longer and ends up closer to the center, big gas rings are thrown out and form big gas planets first (chunks of ice are thrown along with them to become farthest planetoids and comets). Then rockier planets form with small cores. Earth collided with a Mars-sized planet and kept the core, giving us a double shot of metals and a big Moon.

Then, there's the unexplained wandering of Jupiter that eventually stabilized as a pair bond with Saturn, sweeping up most of the junk and dancing the outer foxtrot.

Recently, suggestion was made that the Sun formed as a binary star but lost its partner along the way. Give that one a little time because if it's true, we can probably find it.

Lazar, Lol.

Have you read "The Hunt for Zero Point" by Nick Cook?

Here's some amusement:

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