Quick and Dirty Truth About Us

3 min readNov 20, 2023

Here at the End, Human Nature is part System(money), part Person, and mostly exploited.

You get the wolf (RIP) you feed. Photo by author.

This missive was written in response to a comment here by Kyle Edwards

“Every function of our existence is one of consumption.”

I get your meaning, but I think this is less than half correct from Nature’s perspective. I think that every species survives over the long term or goes extinct based on the ratio between what it consumes vs what usefulness it contributes to its environment’s and offspring’s future. I say “less than half” because randomness requires a Net Usefulness quotient to cope with risks. Humans have been taught that we are ‘better’ than all of the other species, so we have the ‘right’ to take without paying because our imaginary gods say so within our artificial environments.

It’s a pyramid scheme that goes back to before writing, and it’s based on competitive selfish aggressiveness: a more-or-less natural instinct, but hypocritical of a so-called ‘enlightened’ species.

Present human nature is what we have made it. Making it different takes work and time investments that our exploitive systems were designed to avoid (cutting into profits of prophets). We thought it was progress to break the generational nurturing chain and put grandmothers and mothers to work in war factories, but we…




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