Real Food/Life is Inconvenient

6 min readJun 9, 2023

“Efficiency is the straightest road to Hell.” -James Howard Kunstler

Giant Basil (photo by author)

Convene. Convention. Convenience. Many hands make light work.

You are what you create, and you can’t have “create” without “eat”. Doing it alone is killing us.

A simple story about being vegan helped clarify something I have been trying to filter out of the many reasons why modern humanity is fucked.

Special thanks to Nanie Hurley 🌿 for bringing this out. She said, “The first thing I learned after becoming a vegetarian was that I didn’t know how to plan my meals without meat.

I began a long comment (as I often do) and it turned into a good rant. Her second thought turns it into an epiphany. “I still miss not having to plan ahead, get prepared, and think about everything that is somehow related to food.”

Isn’t this the very concept of our lives now?

I am not vegetarian or vegan, but over the years, I’ve dabbled at it because I have healthy friends who grow their own (for reals, not the pretend types who grow a few tomatoes and buy everything else). When I have tried to get my diet changed, it’s one thing as an individual to just stop eating meat, but as a family member, it’s more difficult to change from the standard ways of eating a western consumer diet. First, you…




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