Regardless of gender, whose views do you agree with?

Personally, I agree with Douglas Adams, “You have to vote for a lizard or the wrong lizard will get in!”. Hillizard probably has enough old Contra dirt on the ole boys' network to get at least some progress made, but Bernie, like Obama, will be all alone against the System of RWM systems.

Revolution has to be hunger-based or it isn’t serious. Bernie’s from Vermont, but he ain’t no farmer.

We’re going to need all the farmers we can get with the coming climate change, and who you vote for in this election won’t matter as much as whether we HAVE a nation left for the next one. Less than 1% are in control of the resources we’re going to need. Hillary knows who they really are. Nobody else in the race has a clue, not even Drumpf. When push comes to drowning in Florida, knowing the right phone number will be the difference between a collapse and a revolution.

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