“Sales taxes are regressive” is a common response based on the rhetoric that accompanies colonialism (the belief that there are levels of people to be exploited and/or helped because they don’t have a base level of wealth or power of place).

Capitalism is always a pyramid scheme, as is any civilization (city-based society). A sales tax-based UBI (called a “prebate” on fairtax.org) establishes a minimum value of every individual as citizens, and a feedback mechanism against inflation as well as consumptionism.

Sales tax is less regressive than gentrification (white privilege) and a dead planet (consumerism).

The thing that will bring people together is going to be mass migrations and economic collapse. Whether humans are wise enough to learn has never been proved, so without a proposal of a feedback mechanism, the bullies will just reestablish aristocracy and competitive fanatacisms all over again.

The rich get richer because we buy their cheap crap and work for them to buy deceptively cheap goods.

Most groups of people would survive without that system. With it, most will die off.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.