Short version: I can’t watch it. The picture alone makes me feel the terror that she is going through like a rabbit trapped in a corner by a pit bull. Terror looks just like stoicism.

Long version: ‘Don’t attribute to malice that which can be explained by ignorance or systemic artifact’. Humanity has become a systemic artifact of petroleum and consumerism.

There’s no thinking going on. Spectacle, manipulation, bullying, and a lot of labeling, pigeonholing and profitable delivery makes the media into Amazon..”Alexa, I’m bored. Show me something spectacular.”

That shit is delivered without conscience, yes. That’s pretty bad, but it’s a fucking tax deduction to advertise it. That pushes the crazy -making shit to top priority in Profitland. Now they have a black woman who they can terrorize reliably (on TeeVee) with the pretense of, “See how strong she is!”

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