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‘We have great software!’



Click. No price yet. Fuck you.

“Create an account”

“Price available in cart”

“Call for internet pricing” WTF!

The front page of every commercial business should be, at most, one click away from the price. Two clicks with options (one click after a search if it’s a part supplier). If your product only has one price structure (personal or family, for example), then there is no reason to hide the cost of it. You either provide appropriate value for that price or you don’t. Tricking people into seeing more of your lame-ass website is not ‘value’. It’s fucking THEFT of my time and attention.

Why do we still tolerate car dealing? Do I have to Dansplain? The longer they keep you inside (stealing your calm and your time), the more likely they are to get you to sign anything just to be ‘rewarded’ with the car that you really didn’t want in the first place.

After the sale, do we really need all of those surveys for “customer satisfaction”? No. It’s just another way to steal your time to do someone else’s job of making sure their company and its products are useful and needed. By pushing products with saturation marketing, marketers get people to think it was a desire that drove them to buy the product. Amazon is raking in cash because it makes the purchase process simpler and faster, allowing customers to avoid crucial time questioning their own choices. If you don’t have to drive to a store, browse through aisles and read product descriptions to find what you need, then you can just click and order at random and save yourself some time. You believe you got a great deal because you didn’t have to work as hard to make the purchase, but you also are more likely to buy something you don’t really need or want all that bad. At least the price and shipping cost was up front for you.

What’s the big hairy secret, anyway? Is it that managers can’t commit to a business plan and establish prices? Is it that their actual business is based on harvesting customer data and debt rather than providing services or products?

In the ‘attention economy’, money seems to magically appear out of thin air for those who trade in nefarious uses of personal information. The amount of money is so huge that government doesn’t want to get in its way for fear of losing a campaign donation from the banking and ‘tech’ sectors.

Meanwhile, we are still tolerating a failure to stop phishing, spamming and telemarketing schemes that are barriers to useful work by those of us who still do such a thing as useful work in the real world.

At some point, either the robots win or we do. Don’t be a robot collaborator. Refuse to answer surveys.

Refuse to buy products that don’t have a price up front.

Refuse to believe that your attention and time aren’t worth as much as the CEO or his minions who steal them.

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