Sure. A bunch of first principles:

Human: an ape-like mammal that develops a model of the universe inside its brain and upon physical maturity moves inside the model, avoiding the real universe at all costs.

Evil: any action taken based on an unquestioned belief.

Competition: a social system of elimination that yields fewer and fewer winners and more and more losers.

Earth: a planet with a biological ecosystem that allows and requires symbiotic relationships.

Civilization: a city-based form of survival that isolated humans from immediate natural risks and allowed competitive advantages to those who control its cultural information and habits.

Marketing: Psychological coercion of the animal nature of humans, usually for profit or religious power.

Education: Manipulation of the development of immature human models.

Consumerism: A system where humans are maintained in a neotonistic state of behaviors via saturation advertising, occupation and Spectacle propagandism. Aka, megamarketing or metamarketing.

First principle of change: Give yourself permission to be someone different than you were in the past.

Second principle of change: Entrenched models rarely change intentionally. Most require some type of physical or emotional trauma in order to break the habits of culture and parental manipulation.

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