Sustainability is not enough. The “meet future needs” concept is still anthropocentric. Humanity has to reverse its belief that the Earth is here to serve us instead of the other way around. In nature, there is always more than just meeting future needs because there will always be random changes or risks that are unpredictable. For that reason alone, each species has to add more usefulness to its future than it consumes in resources: whether that bit of extra means more offspring, more fertilizer, more diversity or more intelligent behaviors.

Small farms are great, and all of your points are valid. Unfortunately, in an extraction mentality, it doesn’t matter if the farms are small or large, if the people are ‘connected’ or not: we will still be extracting and consuming more than we contribute as long as it’s all for humans and human gods and monsters. Civilization has been operated as a tool that isolates human beings from the realities of nature. Uncivilization is not really an accepted option until the civilization eats itself. We can’t really even call that a “choice”.

Civilizations fall because humans build civilizations to avoid reality. Building a civilization that embraces nature isn’t impossible: just highly improbable as long as there is money to be made.

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