Take as much time as you need. Go to a farm and rest, drive a tractor for fall plowing and you’ll have plenty of thinking time (I used to listen to books a lot when I was farming). Tell the DCCC to cool it with the dire prediction emails about fundraising and get to work on better ideas for civil service management (I think there should be a draft and duty rotations like the military). The Right’s big issue is about how bad government is. Fix it. Don’t fight the Right, fight the real problems: marketing, consumptionism, legalese, complexity, nepotism, calendar-based budgets, personnel quality and motivation, blind fear of imaginary threats, corporate influence, and of course, the public’s ignorance and apathy toward all bureaucracies (see Draft). Embrace the FairTax plan and come up with the numbers to make it a Universal Basic Income combined with a consumption tax to moderate inflation.

We have to make the planet our primary capital investment, not the offshore banks and yacht clubs.

Reader. Fixer. Maker.

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