Thank you. There’s already a conservative system of universal health care in place. It’s called the military. For some reason, we believe that people who volunteer to get shot at (or, more likely; push paperwork for people who get shot at, most out of economic desperation) deserve treatment as though they are valuable members of the future of society (yes, I was one). The Gingrichcare’s (ACA’s) problem is that there is no limit to the number crunching insurance and drug companies (The ruckus started when Obama slipped in that 20% profit limit). MFA also doesn’t start fresh with an evaluation of what it would cost to draft all medical personnel and establish some actual resource costs vs needs (especially better food nutrition). Nobody ‘needs’ health insurance. They need good health and random hospital treatments. Resource-based economics would tell us that every citizen is a resource (if only to compete to keep wages low or as cannon fodder). They aren’t a resource to the world if they are in poor health (high profits for drug and insurance companies). We have to stop letting the Invisible Hand hold a gun to our heads just for the sake of little green pieces of paper piling up on some island while farmers and labor compete with each other for lower and lower prices and not having a doctor to sew up their wounds.

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