Thank you for this. I think it is a similar problem around the world, though. I see it as the problem of human purpose and usefulness to their own future. When we see Bill Gates being philanthropic, we all wonder how to get that much wealth so we can be saviors, too. Yet, that wealth comes from extraction of resources, rather than humans BEING resources to the planet(and thus, their children). We are all being taught to extract rather than contribute, and the stories are usually bought by those who only understand the use of money as value determinant. I imagine Africa as the future of humanity for two reasons. Its people are closer to the land as a rule, and more diverse in thought and body. In the very long term, this is what will matter. In the shorter term, Africa has a shorter distance to fall when human intentionality is tested by our hubris. Humanity has a habit of disrespect to its origins, and the more distance, the less respect. Us whites have been habitualized to the supremacy mindset, but it only works with isolation from nature. The world is too crowded and connected to keep ignorance as a foundation for much longer.

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