Thanks for bringing the story into the light. Too much credit is given to the GOP for “strategy" in most things (or the DNC, for that matter). As usual, this is pure corporate lobbying throwing last minute wildcards at the walls of Congress to see what sticks.

US corporations have been extracting wealth from Taiwan’s trapped population since the betrayal and escape of Chiang’s revolution.

With the confusion in Washington DC, those corporations have managed to lube something up and slip it through the cracks of sensibility.

If the inauguration gets by normally, then all of the other corporations exploiting cheap labor in China will be throwing money at the Democrats when China says, “Door is closing" or (on Wall Street)”Sell!”.

Taiwan, unfortunately, is a victim of the rush to economic globalization ahead of political globalization.

Trump and his ilk are too lazy and simple-minded to make a decision other than the Henry Ford way: using a scale to weigh the invoices.

Re: see “Obamacare": same thing, different piles of lobby money.

There’s really not a lot of thinking goin' on.

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